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Massage products

Energorora-bg ood is a company that sells cosmetics for professional use in massage parlors. The products we offer are intended for anti-cellulite, relaxation and therapeutic treatments.


All Energorora’s gels serve to improve the appearance of the skin. After use, the skin becomes smoother, firmer, reliefs on the skin are less visible and it is softer to the touch. The products help maintain a slim line.


Massage oils are carefully formulated to provide a relaxing and therapeutic massage experience. We believe that natural ingredients are the key to providing effective and safe products, which is why all of our oils are free from harmful chemicals and additives. 




Aurora fit treatments are primarily intended for detoxification of the body. During the treatment, cellulite and fat deposits are reduced, excess fluid is removed from the body, and skin tone is improved. Continuous use of gels leads to a reduction in volume as well as a noticeable tightening of the skin along with its hydration.

AURORA FIT – EXPERT (60 treatments)

Why is AURORA FIT special? 1. The treatments are pleasant (no freezing in the bag), the gels warm and cool at the same time with slight itching or burning 2. The treatment lasts 30 – 45 minutes 3. They can be repeated day after day 4. In the same day, a combination of a bag and another type of anti-cellulite treatment can be done for better results 5. The size of the bags is 800×1700 mm, which gives us the possibility to pack even more corpulent clients 6. Gels are easy to apply and do not leave the skin feeling greasy 7. Fast results in a short time 8. Detoxification first of all


These are just a few examples of satisfied customer reviews. Overall, customers tend to appreciate the targeted benefits and ease of use that gels offer, and many report noticeable improvements in their skin or body after using our products regularly.