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Massage Oil – Strong

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Strong oil with thermo receptor activator is intended for wooden and metal roller massage.

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In addition to ingredients that help reduce cellulite, Strong oil also contains an ingredient that helps slowly heat up the skin during massage and stimulate the melting of fatty deposits.

Apply in small quantities to allow the client’s skin to adjust to the pleasant feeling of heat, which can turn into a mild itching or burning sensation. If the client is uncomfortable with the feeling of Strong oil during the massage, mix it with another oil intended for anti-cellulite treatment. We recommend using gloves when applying the oil.

Apply in a thin layer, it spreads easily and does not leave a greasy feeling on the skin. The thermo receptor activator enhancer, i.e. the feeling of heat, starts a few minutes after the start of rubbing the oil into the skin. Do not apply additional amounts of oil to the treated area to “enhance” the effect, but wait a few minutes for the oil to take effect. With each new massage movement, the oil is absorbed deeper into the skin, and the friction of the rollers against the client’s body will enhance the heat effect.

Strong oil is not intended for facial massage.

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