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Aurora Fit – Professional (30 treatments)

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  • 1 × Thermo Body Gel
  • 1 × Cryo Body Gel
  • 30 × Energorora Bag
  • 30 × Energorora Laces


Aurora Fit vacuum treatments – The Aurora treatments are primarily intended for body detoxification. During the treatment, cellulite and fatty deposits are reduced, excess fluids are eliminated from the body, and skin tone is improved.


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Aurora fit treatments are primarily intended for detoxification of the body. During the treatment, cellulite and fat deposits are reduced, excess fluid is removed from the body, and skin tone is improved. Continuous use of gels leads to a reduction in volume as well as a noticeable tightening of the skin along with its hydration.

After applying the thermo and cryo gel to the client’s critical areas, we pack them in a vacuum bag. It is desirable that the treatment lasts about 30-40 minutes. During that time, the client will feel the alternation of warm and cold sensations, i.e. sauna – pool effect. It’s actually a great way to detoxify and get rid of cellulite quickly. Then thermogenesis begins, which leads to the process of melting fat deposits.

During a series of treatments, the client may have an increased urge to expel accumulated fluid, the color and smell of urine may change, and the secretion may increase.

Volume and weight reduction is individual and depends on each client individually as well as fluid intake, physical activity and diet during the Aurora Fit treatment series.

Treatments can be done daily for 10 days in a row or in combination with other treatments every other day or simultaneously (vacuum treatment and maderotherapy in one day) for 7 days in a row.

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